October 2013 - )Featuring the See Me Baby Wrap & Wee Gallery Cards)

I feel *really* strongly about this product so I contacted See me Baby and they agreed to GIVE ONE AWAY to one of my readers. This is something you want, trust me. You could also enter on behalf of a friend or relative. They will LOVE you forever.

I was told by so many people who when baby arrives, I’ll barely have time to make a cup of tea. I struggled to believe it but it’s been incredibly true. I’m constantly surprised with how busy a baby can keep you. Feeding takes so much time on its own, then it’s burp time, ‘play’ time and then settling to sleep time. Then if I’m lucky I have about 45 minutes to race around the house, put the washing on, pack the dishwasher, shower, make the bed, get dressed, hang up the washing – as IF one person can do all of this in 45 minutes. Not a chance. That cycle just repeats itself, which I suppose is why the time flies the way it does.
Jordan loves to be close to me and loves to be held as most new baby’s do. There’s no way that I can get things done when he’s requiring so much love and attention. There’s also only so much you can do one-handed. Enter the See me Baby wrap.

January 2012 - - (Featuring: Cover Me Strap)
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See Me Baby Cover-Me Strap by Tarryn Van Vuuren

I was given the Cover-Me strap in the beginning of my pregnancy. I have always been a on the go type of person and now having decided to breast feed, I needed a solution that could be convenient for me to be able to breast feed anywhere while I was on the go. 
The Cover-Me strap was permanently in my baby bag, along with a large receiving blanket. I would pre hook it to the receiving blanket and it was comfortable to breast feed anywhere. I was confident that others could not see my breasts while using it. I would put it on, take my breast out of my bra and then slip baby from the bottom of the receiving blanket where I lay her on my knees while taking my breast out. It was super simple.
It was light and easy to take with everywhere and everyone that saw me complimented how easy it was and where could they purchase one. It is definitely one of the best presents a mother to be could receive at her baby shower.
I still breast feed at night, but formula feed during the day. In my hand bag I use a medium size zip lock back, with 2 nappies, small tube bum cream, small pack wet wipes and the Cover-Me strap with a hand cloth. I use the Cover-Me strap now attached to the cloth as a bib while I am on the go.
Personally I’m excited to find more ways to use it in the future as my little lady grows, but at this point I do not go anywhere without it.
A third clip could be attached to it to pull the receiver on the side, so over the neck and to one side for even more protection. And the appearance of it at the moment, black with white polka dots, you could make really fun colourful ones with bling on the clips, etc…
A simple invention that stays on a mom for the first year of babies life.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review the best baby accessory in my baby bag.

December/January 2011/2012 - Your Pregnancy Baby Shower Guide (Featuring: See Me Baby WrapTeething Bling & Cover Me Strap)

November 2011 - Natural Mama - (Featuring: See Me Baby Wrap)
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See Me Baby Wrap Carrier
by Sarah on November 22nd, 2011

I’ve spoken before about how Lily lived in my wrap carrier when she was younger. Mine was a gift, one made in the USA, and is of really good quality. I’ve seen others, but have never thought that the fabric looked as stretchy and strong as mine, until I recently saw a friend wearing one from See Me Baby. It looked just like mine, except that it’s from South Africa, made from 100% cotton which is also from South Africa. Perfect!

So, if you’re in the market for a baby wrap carrier, I’d say that See Me Baby is the one for you. You can read more about them, and purchase one, here.

August/September 2011 -
Your Pregnancy -  (Featuring: Teething Bling & Cover Me Strap)

Your Pregnancy Magazine - See Me Baby        

June 2011 - Baba & Kleuter -  (Featuring: Teething Bling & See Me Baby Wrap)

Teething Bling - See Me Baby Wrap Carrier

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May 2011 - Living and Loving -  (Featuring: Wee Gallery Twin Book)

Wee Gallery Book

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April 2011 - Living and Loving -  (Featuring: Wee Gallery Art Cards)

Wee Gallery Art Cards are created from whimsical hand painted originals and are an artistic alternative to showing your baby high contrasting visual patterns, which promote infant brain development.

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