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After having our baby, we realised that evolution definitely did slip up- Moms should have been given an extra pair of hands! We found it so difficult to do the chores around the house, or buy groceries that fill up a trolley. We were told: “Use a sling!” “Get a pouch!”- and so we did….but our baby was not comfortable in the sling and the strap hurt my shoulder as the weight was not evenly distributed. The pouch did not have a strap for the lower back, so it constantly hurt my back and our baby was never comfortable in it. The pouch could also not be used from birth, so we had to wait until our baby was old enough to use it only to find out she didn’t like it. Enter THE BABY WRAP- it literally changed our lives!

The first time I saw it, it looked quite complex to put on, but after wrapping it once or twice it became second nature. I will never forget the first time I used it- my baby had been unhappy the whole day and within seconds of wearing her in the wrap she was fast asleep on my chest and as snug as a bug. From that day on we always used it when we were out and she was unable to settle, and like clockwork she would always fall asleep, happy and safe. We also use it for grocery shopping, going for walks and doing chores around the house. We were surprised that it took us so long to find a wrap and thought that it was a perfect opportunity to spread the news about baby carrying and make our very own SeeMeBaby Wraps. We looked at all the various wraps around the world and modified ours to be the most practical one available with its built-in, design-registered bag. We sourced the highest quality, 100% baby safe-cotton material from South Africa, as many wraps have spandex and are not 100% cotton. We ensured that only one continuous piece of material was used, which ensured baby was extra safe. (click here for more info)

Along our parenting journey we have also found some excellent products, which we could not have lived without. The Wee Gallery Art cards were the first thing our baby responded to, the Wee Gallery Wall Art transformed our baby’s room in 10 minutes and I would not travel without Teething Bling to keep baby busy. The Cover-Me Strap gave me the courage to nurse in public, and we use it on a daily basis for so much more than just nursing. We bring all of these products together in this website, in which we lend a helping hand for you to develop, nurture and care for your little bundle of joy.

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