See Me Baby Wrap Carrier

See Me Baby Wrap Carrier

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    (100% Cotton)

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    This wrap is a lifesaver! It gives you a second pair of hands while keeping your baby close to your heart.

    See Me BabyTM Wrap is a baby carrier that is a long piece of material made from 100% baby-safe cotton, that you wrap around your body. See Me BabyTM Wrap offers many different positions for holding your baby at various stages (from premature/newborn to toddler). The safest baby is with her alert, loving, intuitive mother- right next to her!

    The See Me BabyTM Wrap securely holds your baby close and the weight of your baby is evenly distributed across both of your shoulders, unlike sling carriers. Your lower back is also supported, allowing you to wear your baby for longer than when wearing other baby carriers that offer little or no lower back support.

    There are no buckles, like some slings and pouches, which ensures that your baby will always fit safely and comfortably while in the wrap.

    The benefits of wearing your baby are endless, and research has shown that carried babies sleep better, become independent earlier, fuss and cry less and are simply happier.

    See the links below for further information and supporting research:


    1) Increased Carrying Reduces Infant Crying
    2) Skin-to-skin (kangaroo) care
    3) Benefits of baby crrying. Dr Ohm

    Why we love it:

    Our See Me BabyTM Wrap literally changed our lives, by giving us a second pair of hands while keeping our baby close. The See Me BabyTM Wrap is the most comfortable baby wearing solution available, which assists us in carrying our baby for longer.  When our daughter is niggly and does not want to sleep, we simply carry her in the wrap and within a few minutes she is fast asleep on our chest, safe and sound. The built-in-bag is so handy, and keeps it clean when travelling. Both Mom and Dad can enjoy using the See Me BabyTM Wrap. 

    Whats included when buying your wrap:

    • Full Colour Brochure with step by step instructions
    • Baby Wrap with its built in bag to keep wrap clean and tidy
    • Free Videos (Scroll to the bottom to view) - DVD is optional

    Before buying a wrap:
    Wrap Questions
      Questions See Me Baby Wrap Comply
    1 100% Baby-Safe Cotton
    2 Built in unique carrying bag
    3 One-Piece of material
    4 Detailed colour instructional brochure included
    5 Instructional on-line video and DVD available
    6 No-Buckles
    7 Wrap and material made in South Africa

    Top Reasons to Wear a See Me Baby TM Wrap:

    • Secure & Comfortable fit
    • No buckles
    • 100% baby-safe cotton
    • Built-in bag to keep the wrap clean and neat when traveling
    • One size fits all
    • Hands free shopping, walking, household chores
    The See Me BabyTM Wrap is made in South Africa
    The See Me BabyTM Wrap is registered design 

    What is baby-safe cotton?

    Our 100% cotton material has been specifically manufactured to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  This means that the material is made with non-toxic components, and specifically to be safe for babies and small children.  The standard also ensures that no negative impact was made on the environment during manufacture.  We sourced the material directly from a South African producer, so quality is consistent and of a high standard.


    Instructional Videos

    Click here to view the instructional videos on how to tie the wrap.
    The videos also show various position to get you started.

    Please remember to follow instructions as per included brochure or videos above. Please download the Warning and Tips page below and remember to always securely tie a double knot.


    The Design Registered Bag


    Click on the link to open relevant brochure:
    1) Warning and Safety Tips

    (To view the brochure, Adobe Reader will need to be installed - click here to download)

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